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I've been working as designer for over 15 years and still counting. I am currently working at Google.


My journey started when I first interact with a computer when I was 10, I self-taught myself graphic design tools and generate graphics art without knowing much about the possibilities of the future of my career. Right after high-school I got hired and went straight to work as a graphic designer for 4 years then the iPhone came out. The iPhone's presentation by Steve Jobs inspired me to get into digital product design space. At the time, there was no UX community like now and we did not call it UX or UI :). With this new medium I came up app ideas and hired developers from my saving to develop them. I thought this was how I spend my own money to teach myself digital product design. Some of the apps I did got featured on Apple App Store quite frequently, they gave me to idea that maybe I can come to San Francisco and pursue my career, so I went. Today I am continuing to work for my dream.

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I always love to hear great ideas so let's chat!

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